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Where to start?

photo of a stack of newspapersThings are still active in the world of food borne viruses this season, in spite of the advent of spring.  There are outbreaks to report and updates on outbreaks already reported, and European hospitals are still battling with norovirus and closing wards.  Rather than overwhelm you with a lengthy report, you can see a quick blurb on the highlight of each with a link to the original article.  A busy season for scrubbing and bleach…

  • Remember the Hepatitis A and frozen berries in Europe?  People are still getting sick.  Eurosurveillance reports at least 71 ill, an increase of 15 cases since mid-April reports.  Affected countries include Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, making this the first food borne Hepatitis A outbreak of Nordic origin.  Given the longer incubation period of this virus, it is expected that more cases will turn up over the next few weeks.

Food Safety News

  • Norovirus has been confirmed as the cause of the outbreak of gastrointestinal illness at the Westchester Hilton in New York.  Reports indicate 100 were sickened at the first event and 200 more sickened at the second affected event.  The hotel is being cleaned and kitchen/serving staff are on a paid furlough of 72 hours (remember, it is encouraged that you stay home for up to 3 days after being sick to minimize the chance of spreading norovirus).


  • European hospitals continue their epic battle with norovirus, with multiple wards closed, visitor restrictions in place, and hospital staff requesting that people exposed to or sick with stomach illnesses stay away.

French Tribune

  • A NEW nororvirus outbreak has been reported, linked to a food facility at Visalia Country Club in Tulare County, California.  51 people who had visited the Club reported illness with symptoms consistent with norovirus.  Testing of stool samples confirmed that norovirus was indeed the cause.

Fresno Bee

  • A NEW cruise ship outbreak was reported yesterday.  A month-long Holland America cruise from Asia to Vancouver was struck by norovirus, with 28 passengers and one crew member falling ill.  Passengers felt the affects of its presence, with pools and hot tubs drained, shared books no longer shareable, and often encountering other passengers who had been ill.  The ship was sanitized and departed on a new cruise yesterday evening.


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