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Two schools closed from presumed norovirus outbreaks

colorful chalk on a chalkboardNorovirus got is original name, Norwalk virus, from an outbreak in a school in Norwalk, Ohio in the 1960’s. Noroviruses have historically been a problem for schools this time of year, and a middle school in Massachusetts is closed today from a presumed norovirus outbreak. Seventeen staff and over 250 students at North Andover Middle School, mostly in the seventh grade class, have been sick with norovirus-like symptoms. Test results from the local health department are still pending.

Noroviruses have also been creating problems across the pond, and just this week there was a Scottish school that had to temporarily close due to an outbreak of norovirus among the students and staff. Oxgangs Primary School in Edinburgh closed a couple of days ago after 150 students and 14 staff had reported being sick in a 24 hour period.

Both schools have been closed for intensive cleaning, and are expected to reopen on Monday.


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