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Two of our Collaborators win IAFP awards!

This post is a bit belated, but our heartfelt congratulations go out to Benjamin Chapman and Kalmia Kniel for the awards they recently received at the 2015 IAFP Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon.

Photo of Dr. Kalmia E. KnielDr. Kalmia Kniel was presented with the Elmer Marth Educator Award, which is given each year to an educator who has been dedicated in their service to the public as well as the IAFP organization, and made exceptional teaching, outreach, and research contributions to the fields of food safety and protection. Consideration for the award also involves demonstrating leadership and mentorship in their educational career, as well as the creation of novel teaching methods and/or materials. Kali is known as an enthusiastic instructor and one of her roles is as an Associate Professor of Microbial Food Safety at the University of Delaware.



photo of Dr. Ben ChapmanDr. Benjamin Chapman was bestowed with the Larry Beuchat Young Researcher Award, which goes to a promising young researcher in food microbiology or food safety who has had outstanding achievements in the early stages of their career. This award can go to someone in academia, industry, government service, or the private sector. You may know Ben from his presence and posts on Barfblog, and he’s also involved in a plethora of projects covering the entire farm-to-fork continuum, with an interest in the science and practice of engaging and educating groups through social media.


Both awards involve a plaque and honorarium, and congratulations to you both!

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