The fate of Nellie Noro – NoroCORE Food Virology

The fate of Nellie Noro

We came into the office this morning and found a postcard and a photo from Nellie!

A Salt Lake City postcard


To my dear friends at NoroCORE,

I know you had to be wondering where I went, and I’m sorry to make you worry. The trip to IAFP made me realize there’s a big world I need to see. A virus’s job is to spread, after all, and so after slipping away at the party I disguised myself and set off. I might even take up photojournalism, and go where the outbreaks are happening.

Don’t worry about me. There’s always new people and pathogens to meet!

Your friend,




There was of course no return address, and if we get any more correspondence from her, we’ll let you know!



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