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A picture of Jack

Ben’s Norovirus Nightmare

You might know Dr. Ben Chapman from his famous barfblog posts, and here he shares a particularly messy norovirus nightmare he experienced a few years ago with his son.   Name: Ben Chapman Institution:...

Katie Overbey

Katie’s Norovirus Nightmare

We’re running a series of posts written by members of our NoroCORE Collaborative, called “My Norovirus Nightmare” since Halloween is just around the corner. To kick it off is this particularly nightmarish story of...

A cruise ship deck

Norovirus outbreak on the Grandeur of the Seas

Around 1% of norovirus outbreaks are believed to occur on cruise ships, but they often attract media attention and can lead to large numbers of people becoming infected. Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur of the Seas...

Palm trees in Hawaiian sunset

Aloha, Norovirus?

Noroviruses like to pop up where people gather, including idyllic, luxury paradises. Visitors to the historic Royal Hawaiian in Honolulu began falling ill a little over a week ago and the Hawaii State Department...