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Nellie is missing!

While Nellie is very resistant to the effects of ethanol (like any good norovirus), it does tend to give her wanderlust. She was holding a table at the Student Mixer last night for her...

Nellie Noro on a plane

Nellie Noro goes to IAFP!

Hi, I’m Nellie. I’m your average norovirus particle. I like to hang out with people, travel, and am an uncontrollable foodie. So when the folks at NoroCORE asked me if I wanted to visit...

A 3D printed model of the human norovirus

Come visit us at booth #545 at IAFP!

Just three days to go until IAFP and we have been very busy at the NoroCORE office, making final preparations and shipments. To recap, here are the top 5 6 reasons you won’t want to miss us...