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Suzanne’s Norovirus Nightmare

Our third entry comes from Suzanne, who had some wisdom to share about families, food, and norovirus.


Suzanne with the son she believes infected her.

Name: Suzanne McDonald


Please describe a time you believe you had norovirus:

So it was the spring of 2014 and it all started with my son getting sick on a Tuesday, mainly just throwing up, next thing you know the husband gets sick on Wednesday. So far, me and my daughter are safe! On Thursday, I pick my daughter up from gymnastics and I had my son (who has recovered) with me and we decide to get McDonalds for their dinner since the husband was still sick. I planned to get Mellow Mushroom pizza for myself. As soon as we pulled into McDonalds, my daughter says she doesn’t feel well. Next thing you know she throws up all in the car. At this point there is nothing I can do but to get her home. We were only 5 minutes away so I cleaned her up a bit and then we headed home. I left my daughter with my husband, hosed down the car seat, and then had to go back out and get the pizza that I ordered. So I finally get back home and eat my pizza. I started feeling full and was thinking that I should just save the rest for lunch the next day. After further thought, I decided nah, I am probably destined to get sick too and will not want the leftovers so I may as well eat the rest of the pizza! Sure enough about 11:00 that night my stomach started rumbling. I would have to say that I was throwing up off and on for a good 5 hours or so. I haven’t recalled feeling that miserable in a long, long, time! I did manage to get a little sleep in between trips to the bathroom although there were definitely some dry heaving moments that keep me by the toilet waiting for the next wave. I will also say that my desire for the Holy Shitake Pie from Mellow Mushroom is gone and for weeks after the mere thought of garlic and mushrooms turned my stomach! That pizza was good going in, but definitely not worth it when it came out!


Do you have a theory as to how you were infected?

I would have to say that it started with my son, but could have very well been my husband. Since my daughter and I got sick within hours of each other, I do not think I got it from her.


What did you do to treat yourself?

Just a lot of sleep and tried to stay hydrated. A slightly slushy purple Gatorade was my go to drink.


Did anyone else around you get sick?

Yes, the whole family.


Anything else you’d like to share?

If your whole family gets sick, you will likely get sick too! I do not recommend finishing the pizza, no matter how good it is, it is soooo not worth it!!!


Thank you for sharing Suzanne, and we hope your family never shares the gift of norovirus again!



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