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Suspected norovirus outbreak at a popular North Carolina restaurant

Sushi on a plateThe Cowfish, a popular location for burgers and sushi in Charlotte, elected to close last Friday and Saturday for cleaning and disinfection after a number staff and patrons became ill. They reopened Sunday for normal business.

So far, 21 employees and 34 customers have reported becoming sick. The restaurant closed as a proactive measure to prevent additional cases, before officials from the Mecklenberg County Health Department visited the restaurant on Monday. The health officials did not find any sanitation issues at the facility, and while the cause is still unknown, fingers are being pointed at norovirus.


June 10th UPDATE: The restaurant elected to close again, after three guests reported becoming ill with gastrointestinal symptoms after visiting the reopened restaurant. The illnesses were first reported to the health department on Wednesday, and the restaurant has contracted with a professional cleaning service to disinfect the property until it reopens, which may be this Sunday. Norovirus is still the suspected cause, though it has not been confirmed through laboratory testing.

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