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Something wicked this way comes

We’re not sure what’s just happened here in the NoroCORE office, but we think the norovirus plushies got up to mischief when the lights went out last night. We’d just bought craft supplies to make Halloween decorations and left them on the conference table, but this morning the place was a mess, and someone or something has been doing a lot of cutting, painting, and gluing.

We found one of them brazenly sporting some rather festive attire. We are so not buying that innocent stare or lack of manual dexterity.


See, those of us in the office have gotten used to the little blighters moving things around when we are gone. Staplers missing, sticky notes on the ceiling, reams of paper stacked to make little stairs, the usual. The noroviruses hang out in a box in the supply closet, and we usually assume they are just being overly protective of the office supplies we keep in there. We’ve called the Giant Microbes company, and they tell us not to worry. They are pretty sure they only sent us the mildly pathogenic ones.

Still, norovirus season is coming, and we think this one is saying they have something brewing. You’d better beware, and keep an eye out for more of them this month!

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