September is National Food Safety Month – NoroCORE Food Virology

September is National Food Safety Month

close up photo of triangular cut sandwiches containing deli meat lettuce and tomatoWe like to say food can become contaminated at any point along the farm-to-fork continuum, and good food safety practices are not just key for preventing norovirus infections (the most common cause of foodborne illness), but several other infectious diseases as well.

September is National Food Safety Month, and this year the theme is about the flow of food in restaurant kitchens. Each week has been devoted to a specific part of that flow from the shipping truck to the customer’s plate, such as the receiving and storage of food, and this week’s theme relates to thawing and holding practices. The next two weeks are about safe food preparation techniques and the serving of food.

This marks the event’s 21st year, and it is presented by the National Restaurant Association. They have a variety of educational activities posted on their website for this event, so why not go take a look?

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