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Publications & Literature

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NoroCORE™ Food Virology Literature Database

The NoroCORE™ team has developed a Food Virology Literature Database ( consisting of research and review publications related specifically to food borne viruses. The database is comprised of peer-reviewed literature from 1992 onward. Currently, it is complete for publications specifically related to norovirus, and it provides access to over 3000 citations and abstracts specific to the field. The search function is similar to other standard literature databases, allowing you to search by Author, Title, Year, etc. (please note the search function is case and spelling sensitive). The database is powered by RefBase; citations and abstracts are available to the public. Full text articles are available to NoroCORE™ Collaborative Partners only (due to copyright restrictions). The database is updated regularly.

Publications from NoroCORE Collaborators

NoroCORE™ team members regularly publish research results in a number of peer-reviewed journals, as well as pieces from the general or popular press. Here we provide citations for those publications that have emerged from NoroCORE™-supported research. This archive is searchable by Core area (Molecular Virology, Detection, Epidemiology & Risk Analysis, Prevention & Control, and General Press), and by Year (2011 onward). The abstract and a link to the article are provided for each citation.

The Capsid Newsletter

This is our official newsletter that we release twice a year. Click the link to see all of them as downloadable PDFs.

General Press

  • Food Safety Magazine published an updated article about NoroCORE™ and its major outcomes in its April/May 2017 issue.
  • Food Safety Magazine published Food Virology Collaborative Tackles Foodborne Viruses in its June/July 2014 issue, an article explaining the NoroCORE™ program and its progress to date.
  • Food Technology published Targeting Norovirus in January 2013, an article which describes the challenges presented by norovirus and a feature of the NoroCORE™ program