Funding Opportunities – NoroCORE Food Virology

Funding Opportunities

Discretionary Funding

Current status: We anticipate awarding more discretionary funding in 2015, with an announcement following our Executive Board meeting in November 2015.

For discretionary funding awards, the proposed project should be limited to a 12-18 month duration.  Requests should not exceed $100,000, inclusive of 22% indirect costs based on total dollars requested. The proposed project must address NoroCORE priorities. Proposals must clearly articulate the need for the project and why the proposed work will make a difference. The NoroCORE Executive Board has identified high priority areas (see below), however, other proposals consistent with the NoroCORE mission will be considered.

Discretionary Fund PDF Flyer

Funding Priorities

  • Further advances in in vitro cultivation of human noroviruses.
  • Comparative and/or validation studies for detecting norovirus in complex sample matrices.
  • Determination of mechanism of action for novel prevention and control strategies that have not been previously investigated, nor are funded by other sources.


Any investigator from a NoroCORE-funded institution who is not designated to receive funding in Year 5 OR any other outside investigator. Only investigators located in the U.S. are eligible to apply.

Proposal Guidelines


  • 2 pages + 1 additional for preliminary results (at discretion of investigator)
  • single space
  • 11-12 pt font
  • 1” margin



Investigator & Affiliation

Purpose and Objectives (including statement of deliverable)

Justification (consistent with NoroCORE activities)


Time Table

Budget Breakdown

Submission Process

The submission deadline for Year 5 awards for fall 2015 has not yet been announced. For questions, please contact us at