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Factsheets & Infographics

The following factsheets and infographics were developed by or in collaboration with the NoroCORE team to communicate norovirus-related information to specific target audiences. Currently, one-page infosheets are available for specific audiences in the fresh produce and molluscan shellfish industries, as well as links to many other resources. New resources are added regularly, so stay tuned!

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Norovirus Cell Culture

*NEW* Dr. Mary Estes and her research team at Baylor College of Medicine have successfully grown the human norovirus in intestinal cells! This is a huge advancement for the field of virology, and we have created an infographic highlighting their work.

This infographic has a Creative Commons license, Attribution Non-Derivatives 4.0 International. Groups may use this document freely, but due to its technical nature, adaptations are not permitted.


Norovirus Cleaning Handout

*NEW* We recently put together this handout with general tips for cleaning and disinfecting a home when someone there has had norovirus.  It also includes a shopping list of helpful things to remember.


Berry Industry

These infosheets were developed specifically for pdficon_smallberry harvesters and pdficon_smallberry harvester management in the fresh produce industry. Learn about the risks posed by norovirus to this industry and how members of this industry can help reduce that risk.


Recreational Boaters

These infosheets were developed for recreational boaters, to provide education and information about the norovirus-related risks of pdficon_smallvomiting overboard and pdf icondumping fecal waste into the ocean, including prevention and control guidance.



This information was developed for pdf iconmarina management, to provide information to help prevent overboard waste disposal among recreational boaters.


Success Stories

We have created a series of one-page documents detailing a few of our success stories and why capacity building and education in this field is critical. More will be added over time.

Building Capacity in Food Virology

Consumer Awareness of Norovirus

Norovirus Outbreak Attribution

Building Collaboration: Information & Reagent Exchange

Noroviruses: More Heat Resistant Than We Thought?


Norovirus for Emetophobes

NoroCORE assisted the Emetophobia Recovery System organization in the development of their Complete Guide to Norovirus: Prevention and Treatment. The article and infographic provide up to date, comprehensive general information about norovirus, as well as information specific to how norovirus affects the emetophobic community. Emetophobia is a phobia of vomiting, so, naturally, norovirus is of specific concern to this population.