Rasheena Edmondson – NoroCORE Food Virology

Rasheena Edmondson

Rasheena Edmondson
Ph.D., Integrated Biosciences
North Carolina Central University
Advisor: Dr. Liju Yang

Rasheena is one of our 2014 fellows, and her project at North Carolina Central University focused on developing biosensors to detect norovirus, as well as the inactivation of the virus using nanoparticles. Prior to becoming a fellow, her background was in cancer biology, and working with viruses was novel for her. Rasheena has now embraced the field, and says she wants to learn as much about virology as she can.

Rasheena has also learned several new skills as part of this switch into a new discipline, such as Western blotting, 3D cell culture, and immunofluorescence-based imaging.

When it comes to working in a virology lab and what she has gotten out of her experience, she had the following to say:

“I have found that people in the lab are very helpful if you have questions on techniques or needing materials. I am also learning how to work with different people, and how science requires collaboration.”

Looking ahead to post-graduation, Rasheena had originally planned on academia as a career path because she enjoys teaching. However, she has also recently become interested in a career in industry, after attending a conference where she heard from people talking about their unique, industry-based careers.