Recap of the NoroCORE Full Collaborative Meeting – NoroCORE Food Virology

Recap of the NoroCORE Full Collaborative Meeting

The people who attended the 2013 NoroCORE Collaborator's MeetingThe USDA-NIFA Food Virology Collaborative (NoroCORE) has over thirty teams of research collaborators from academic institutions and government agencies, as well as numerous academic, industry, and government-based stakeholders. NoroCORE holds a full Collaborative team meeting each fall to foster communication, catch up on what everyone is doing, and plan ahead for future projects based on our six Core objectives and feedback received on public and industry needs relating to food virology. Biannually, that meeting includes stakeholders and extended team members (students, staff, etc.).

This past week we held our second annual Full Collaborative Meeting in Charlotte, NC on November 12th and 13th. This event was reserved for the participating researchers, and this time it focused on hearing progress updates about the many norovirus-related projects underway and giving each Core a chance to work together face-to-face. Topics ranged from the interaction of noroviruses with various surfactants, to the utilization of social media and visuals to educate audiences about noroviruses, to advanced computer modeling of disease outbreaks. Our attendees even got to see some rare North Carolina snow!

The first day of the meeting began with general updates from each Core and poster presentations of current research activities and examples of outreach. The attendees then met with the other members of their Cores for open conversation about potential goals, integrating feedback from the stakeholder groups, and future needs. The day ended with presentations from individual researchers about their current and future projects. The second day was a chance for the Executive Committee to meet and review the progress NoroCORE has made, as well as discuss the global status of human norovirus research and what NoroCORE can and will be doing in the next few years.

A big thanks to all those who attended and who contribute valuable research and time to NoroCORE’s efforts, as well as interact with our shared stakeholders and the general public.  The larger, combined Collaborative and stakeholder meeting will be in November 2014, so stay tuned!

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