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Presumed norovirus outbreak on the Crown Princess

A cruise ship deckWe are getting into the time of year when the number of norovirus cases tends to wind down, but it seems we are not out of the woods yet!  This story has been in the media spotlight recently, and as the investigation is ongoing, this post will be updated as new information emerges. 

News reports began coming out a couple of days ago about cases of gastrointestinal illness on the Crown Princess, which left Los Angeles last Saturday on a seven day cruise along the Pacific coastline, and will shortly be returning to Los Angeles. 

The number of cases has spiked quickly in the last 48 hours, and as of today, 66 passengers and 17 crew members onboard the Crown Princess have reportedly fallen ill with norovirus-like symptoms.  The sick individuals have been isolated in their rooms, and the staff have been undertaking added disinfection procedures in keeping with recommendations from the CDC.  The 3,000-passenger vessel has been continuing its planned voyage, most recently docking for day excursions in San Diego on Thursday.  According to the CDC’s Vessel Sanitation Program website, this would not be the first time this vessel has experienced a norovirus outbreak, but the last incident was two years ago.

April 11 UPDATE: As of yesterday afternoon, a total of 104 passengers and 25 crew members have become ill.  The ship is continuing its planned route and will arrive back in port tomorrow.

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