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Dr. Malak Esseili

Malak Esseili, PhD

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Post-Doctoral Researcher, Saif Lab
Food Animal Health Research Program
Ohio State University

Dr. Malak Esseili is a post-doctoral researcher at the Food Animal Health Research Program (The Ohio State University). She received her Ph.D. in environmental microbiology from the Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Toledo, Ohio. Dr. Esseili’s research addresses the environmental transmission of waterborne and foodborne pathogens. Her Ph.D. studies focused on developing bacteria source tracking methodologies to characterize the impact of fecal contamination sources on recreational water. In addition, she used microbial source tracking to study the impact of land-applied biosolids on surface water quality. Currently, Dr. Esseili is working on the environmental contamination of vegetable crops at the laboratory of Dr. Linda Saif. Her research focuses on the attachment, internalization and persistence of norovirus on vegetables.