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Dr. Jeanne Gleason

Jeanne Gleason, EdD

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NMSU Media Productions
New Mexico State University

Dr. Gleason has more than 30 years experience as a food safety educator, instructional designer and developer of innovative media.  Her expertise is in analysis of audience needs and development of creative media to make complex science understandable to the public.

Dr. Gleason received her doctorate from Virginia Tech in Educational Technology (1991) and earned an MS in Television & Family Studies (1977), a BS in Journalism & Family Studies (1975), and BA in Mass Communications (1975) from NMSU. Her current research and development efforts focus on using innovative and mobile technologies to mitigate foodborne illness and increase math and science skills.

As a department head at New Mexico State University, she leads a creative team of instructional designers, animators, programmers, and videographers nationally acclaimed for their award-winning iPhone/iPad apps, scientific visualizations, animations, games and Web apps.  Her team produces innovative educational programs for use in public schools, universities, and formal and informal learning environments across the nation. Annually named as an NMSU “Millionaire” for winning large competitive grants, Dr. Gleason co-coordinates numerous projects funded by the National Science Foundation, USDA, and other state and federal agencies.

A member of NMSU’s faculty for more than 30 years, Dr. Gleason specializes in working with multi-disciplinary university teams across the nation to create food safety materials that make learning fun and effective while addressing key gaps in the public’s understanding of food safety principles and emerging scientific developments.

Dr. Gleason has extensive international experience, having worked professionally in more than 15 countries.  She has lived in China and often provides weeklong workshops for the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture to help modernize their educational outreach programs.  She has conducted similar workshops in Iraq, Central America and Afghanistan.

She has won the NSF Food Safety Leadership Award in Education; the USDA Honors Award; the USDA Diversity Award for interactive media targeting Hispanics and Native Americans; has been named NMSU Distinguished Extension Faculty and NMSU Outstanding Research Faculty; has won the CINE Golden Eagle Award and awards from the National Educational Film and Video Festival and Chicago International Film Festival; and has won numerous top awards from the Association for Professional Communications (ACE).