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Norovirus shuts down middle school, sickens students at university

photo of unoccupied desks and chairs in a classroomNorovirus has been definitively identified as the culprit in an outbreak of gastroenteritis that shut down an Arkansas middle school last week.  More than 300 students (a third of the school’s attendees) and some staff fell ill with the virus, causing the school to shut down on Friday.  Stool samples taken from the sick children tested positive for norovirus, confirming health officials’ suspicions that the virus was to blame.  The school and its buses have been cleaned, students are recovering, and the school was slated to reopen today.

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Norovirus has also struck at Princeton University.  Since January 8, forty cases of gastroenteritis have been reported at the university.  Stool samples from those affected tested positive for norovirus.  An outbreak of gastroenteritis last year resulted in almost 300 cases of illness. Princeton health officials issued an advisory urging frequent hand-washing and limiting contact with others if sick, to help prevent the spread of illness.

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