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Norovirus outbreak on the Grandeur of the Seas

A cruise ship deckAround 1% of norovirus outbreaks are believed to occur on cruise ships, but they often attract media attention and can lead to large numbers of people becoming infected.

Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur of the Seas docked in Baltimore this Monday for thorough cleaning and disinfection. It had been on a nine-day voyage to Jamaica, but returned a day early after 193 passengers (10% of the passengers onboard) and nine crewmembers became ill with norovirus-like symptoms.

Two environmental health officers from the CDC’s Vessel Sanitation Program and two epidemiologists boarded the ship in Jamaica on January 30th to conduct an investigation and obtain samples for testing, and you can read more about their report on their website. This would be the first norovirus outbreak on a cruise ship this year, and the Grandeur of the Seas experienced two norovirus outbreaks in the spring of 2014.

The ship disembarked from Baltimore Tuesday evening with a new set of passengers, bound for a ten-day Caribbean cruise, and these passengers were given assistance in rescheduling their vacation if they were uncomfortable boarding the ship at the time. The previous set of passengers received credit for a missed port stop, and a certificate for a day of cruise fare.

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