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Norovirus at a Las Vegas football tournament

A group of kids in uniforms playing football.Norovirus headlines have been focused on the UK these past few weeks, but we just had an intriguing outbreak in the US we wanted to share.

As many as 90 children and adults attending a national football championship for youths in Las Vegas fell ill over the Thanksgiving weekend with vomiting and diarrhea. The sudden onset of symptoms was consistent with norovirus infection, and yesterday the Southern Nevada Health District announced that tests confirmed the presence of norovirus. The source of the illness is currently unknown, complicated by several of the teams traveling long distances for the tournament, and that people with different teams and staying in different hotels became sick.

As for a taste of what has been going on in the UK, ten wards had to be closed to visitors and new admissions at the Southampton General Hospital last week because of norovirus, and there are still visitor restrictions today. The Weston General Hospital had limited visitation last week when two wards had norovirus, but yesterday the hospital was reportedly back to normal. Two units were also closed to new admissions at the Stafford Hospital last week because of norovirus, and hospitals in Leicester have been dealing with the virus for a while now. Lastly, a school in Wales had to be closed for cleaning a couple of weeks ago after over 100 students and staff of the 151-student school were sick.

We know noroviruses are easily spread from person to person but there are precautions you can take to prevent infection, which are highlighted on the CDC’s website.

UPDATE Dec. 3: Extra cleaning has been undertaken at five schools that hosted games in the championship to protect the staff and students.

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