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NoroCORE labs assisting the Emory norovirus outbreak investigation

A 3D printed model of the human norovirusPart of why we like to post about norovirus outbreaks is to highlight some of the background work that goes on in an outbreak investigation. While it is unfortunate there is a norovirus outbreak going on at Emory University, our NoroCORE researchers there have been doing their part to help, and we’d like to give them a round of applause!

Laboratories led by Drs. Christine Moe and Juan Leon, two of our Collaborators, have been assisting the outbreak investigation by testing samples. We were told the investigation made for a hectic weekend, but that the people in the labs were excited to be able to help out. So far, all of the patient samples have come back positive for the virus.

As of yesterday, 101 students had sought medical attention for their symptoms at Emory’s Student Health and Counseling Services or the Emory University Hospital Emergency Department, but many more students probably cared for themselves at home. The outbreak seems to be slowing, and no students are currently hospitalized due to their illness.

The source of the outbreak has not yet been identified, but food samples are being tested and the investigation is ongoing. Emory has been keeping its students and staff informed through letters posted on their website, and has been very thorough in their cleaning and prevention measures.

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