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Nellie is missing!

This is the last known photo of Nellie Noro.

While Nellie is very resistant to the effects of ethanol (like any good norovirus), it does tend to give her wanderlust.

She was holding a table at the Student Mixer last night for her friends and when they got back she was gone!

We found her phone though, and based on the photos she had a very cool day and has been a star at IAFP. She even took the stage with Lee-Ann Jaykus, our Scientific Director!



(Somewhere along the way she picked up a couple of 50-year member ribbons, maybe because Norwalk virus was first described in 1968?)


Nellie at an exhibit booth

Nellie checked out the exhibit hall, which has almost 200 companies and organizations represented. She seemed fascinated by the RT-qPCR machine (the same model the Jaykus lab uses to detect norovirus RNA in samples).


A scientific poster

She also visited the posters (but may have wondered how cross-contamination could be considered a bad thing).


Fundraising at a conference

She stopped to toss in a ping pong ball by donating to the IAFP Foundation’s fundraiser, which helps the field by providing great programs like travel scholarships to students.


Two plushies on a table

Nellie took time to catch up with her old college friend MRSA at the Silent Auction (they took Nosocomial Infections 101 together).


She even met Isabel Walls, National Program Leader for Food Safety at USDA-NIFA, and NoroCORE’s program manager.


She posed for Jim, the famous IAFP photographer, and mingled with lots of cool people.


Nellie’s an adventurous sort and we’re hopeful she’ll turn up after whatever exciting journey she’s on.

(We seriously didn’t plan for this to happen, and if anyone at IAFP sees Nellie, could you give us a shout?)


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