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Matthew’s Norovirus Nightmare

Contest entries have already started coming in, and to kick it off is Matthew’s heroic account of surviving recent gastrointestinal punishment!

Matthew GardinerName: Matthew Gardiner


Please describe a time you believe you had norovirus:

It was just this past weekend actually. That was 11/29 through 12/1 in Cary and Raleigh NC. I started experiencing intense stomach cramps in my diaphragm and uncomfortable gas. Shortly there after I began vomiting, experiencing diarrhea, dizziness, and what I assume was a fever because I couldn’t stop sweating and getting the chills.


Do you have a theory as to how you were infected?

I have two theories, both good ones:

1.  My brother and his wife who came in for Thanksgiving both had stomach flu earlier in the week and potentially brought it with them.

2.  My dad did a bad job preparing the burgers for dinner and they were hilariously undercooked.


What did you do to treat yourself?

I actually drove myself to the store after wave 2 (of about 15) and got two bottles of pedialyte, some bananas, and an 8 pack of gatorade. I then made a bed out of my bathrobe and settled in for a long night on the bathroom floor. In between waves I would pour an ounce or two of pedialyte into the bottom of a pint glass and then fill the rest with water. The rate I was pumping out fluids I didn’t want to dry up, and frankly I prefer bringing something up to that dry heaving, so I wanted to make sure I had something in my belly. The next day I started on the bananas but couldn’t keep those down either, and then finally the day after I ate some saltines and a little bit of macaroni.


Did anyone else around you get sick?

My mom, sister, and girlfriend all got sick.


Anything else you’d like to share?

I can only imagine what my dog must have thought about me as I “yelled” at the toilet for about 20 hours.



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