Guess what’s coming to IAFP – 2015 Edition! – NoroCORE Food Virology

Guess what’s coming to IAFP – 2015 Edition!

We’ve been working really hard again this year on our swag for IAFP, and there are some new items that will be at the NoroCORE booth, as well as something super special you’ll have to hunt for! Here’s a taste of the goodies we’ll have at Booth 519 in the Exhibitor’s Hall.

A large bunch of mini norovirus plushies

If you have known us for a little while, you know we make ample use of the cuteness that is GIANT Microbes. We have a new batch baby noroviruses to warm your heart, and these are completely non-pathogenic. Just like last year, to snag one of these coveted plushies, you must connect with us on social media while at IAFP. You can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or follow us on Instagram.

NoroCORE jelly beans in blue

We’ve done the NoroCORE M&Ms for a little while, so it was time to make a change to berry-flavored NoroCORE Jelly Bellies in Whirl-Pak pouches. What is a Whirl-Pak, you ask? They are sterile bags that have been around since the 1950’s and are a mainstay in medical facilities and research laboratories for holding samples, but we also found they make nifty treat bags. And don’t worry, we used safe food handling techniques to bring you your between-session sugar rush!

A stress reliever in the shape of a toilet

The squishy stress reliever toilets are also making a comeback, and we’re always just a little surprised at their popularity. For those of you who have lived through a case of norovirus, you know the toilet was your best and most constant friend in your time of need.

Our game pieces for the GoNoroviral Experiment

Last but certainly not least (and as a reward for reading to the end), we have a new interactive game this year! The NoroCORE ties and scarves made us the talk of the town at the 2014 IAFP, with over 50 of our group members sporting the formal finery around the conference. This year, it’s your turn to wear a little noro, be part of an outbreak experiment, and have a chance at some rockin’ prizes. Details coming soon!

There’s more in store for you at the booth, and we’ll see you at IAFP!

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