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Confirmed norovirus outbreak on NC State’s Campus

A photo of the NCSU belltower in spring

The NCSU Belltower, photo by Suzie Tremmel

While there are more than two dozen institutions involved in the NoroCORE Collaborative, North Carolina State University is the home base. Those of us in the admin office received a no-frills campus email this morning, quickly reposted by our local news station, detailing a norovirus outbreak among our student body.

Over the past four days, several students reported gastrointestinal symptoms, and currently 60 students are sick. Most of the students reside in Alexander Hall, which is located in the middle of main campus, but students in other dorms and off-campus have been affected as well. Yesterday evening, the Wake County Human Services Department confirmed norovirus as the cause.

According to the email, the Student Health is checking on all of the sick students, and distributing “wellness kits” of liquids and easy-to-digest foods. The housekeeping staff is also providing cleaning supplies to these students, and increasing their cleaning of the affected areas. As for the students themselves, the University is asking them to hunker down in their rooms and get better (seeking medical attention if needed) and their professors are being notified.

It’s the middle of final exams and the campus grounds have been fairly quiet, but it is imaginable that some of the restrooms and dorms have been more…well, active. While we tend to find it slightly ironic whenever norovirus comes knocking at NC State, we do feel bad for any students who are trying to get through finals week with noro as a study buddy.

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