Come visit us at booth #545 at IAFP! – NoroCORE Food Virology

Come visit us at booth #545 at IAFP!

Just three days to go until IAFP and we have been very busy at the NoroCORE office, making final preparations and shipments. To recap, here are the top 5 6 reasons you won’t want to miss us at booth #545 (aside from getting to know us and our Collaborative’s efforts, of course):

1. The #findnorocore contest

The famous NoroCORE necktie

The NoroCORE project includes over 30 collaborators, as well as scores of stakeholders from around the country, and a number of these individuals will be at IAFP. Look for us in norovirus scarves and ties and take some selfies for a chance at top notch prizes. This contest is a great way to ask our collaborators about their research, and see who is involved with NoroCORE.

2. Norovirus plushies

A large bunch of mini norovirus plushies

Part of social media means being social, and while we think we are pretty cool, a little incentive doesn’t hurt sometimes. These mini norovirus plushies will go to those who like us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) while at IAFP.

3. Squishy toilets

A stress reliever in the shape of a toilet

We were honestly a little surprised by the popularity of these stress reliever toys last year, but noroviruses are synonymous with quality time in the bathroom, and we have brought them back for those who weren’t able to snag one last year.

4. 3D printed norovirus

A 3D printed model of the human norovirus

This model was a neat outcome of collaboration with New Mexico State University’s Media Productions team. They created a wonderful 3D rendering of the norovirus for our graduate curriculum, and we realized the model could be made tangible through 3D printing. This 2” model is about 1.25 million times the actual size of a norovirus, and will be on display at our booth.

 5. Paper model noroviruses

A 3D folded paper model of the norovirus

These educational models are hot off the presses for this year’s IAFP. The norovirus capsid is quite unique, and we designed this fun 3D paper model for kids through adults to better understand what the virus looks like (and have a fun craft). The paper model will be given more attention in a future post, but if you get the itch to assemble yours before then, we already have a video tutorial up on our YouTube channel.

6. NoroCORE M&Ms

Whirlpak bags filled with NoroCORE M&Ms

Free chocolate is always a good thing, and free chocolate in Whirl-Pak bags is even better. Feel free to stop by and get a blood sugar boost between presentations.

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