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Social Media in Public Health & Education

The World Health Organization (WHO) is now using social media as a key tool in public health surveillance and communication. Read the full article: Check out NoroCORE’s Facebook Page (COMING SOON) to see how...

Shopping Bags Can Also Carry Stomach Flu Virus

Norovirus…from a shopping bag? A recent outbreak of Norovirus among a group of soccer players in Oregon has been traced back to a reusable shopping bag- the virus was passed around without direct personal...

Nasal Spray to Protect Against Stomach Flu?

Nasal Spray to Protect Against Stomach Flu?

A simple nasal spray treatment shows promise for offering immunity against noroviruses, the leading cause of acute gastroenteritis. In these early studies, the treatment was about 60% effective. Further efforts are underway to improve efficacy, as well as fulfill regulatory testing that would eventually be necessary for FDA approval. Of note, Dr. Robert Atmar, a member of the USDA-NIFA Food Virology Collaborative, is the lead author on this paper.

24-Hour Bug

Did you know that each year a single virus causes more cases of foodborne illness than do all bacteria combined? Many people are familiar with the stomach flu, commonly called the “24-hour bug.” However,...

Basketball and NoV

Basketball and NoV

In December 2010, twenty-four players and staff members from thirteen NBA teams became ill with symptoms of the stomach flu. The illness was transferred from player to player within a team and possibly from...