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Case of Hepatitis A at a Colorado restaurant

A plate of tacosOver 800 vaccines have been administered to patrons of Tortilla Marissa’s, a popular Tex-Mex restaurant in Fort Collins, after an employee tested positive for hepatitis A virus last Wednesday. More than 400 people received the free vaccines and immunoglobulin injections at the Larimer County Health Department on Sunday, and the health department has decided to offer more clinics through July 8 for at-risk customers of the restaurant. The vaccines were offered to people who ate or drank at the establishment in the last 14 days, as this is the window in which vaccination is effective at preventing the symptoms of the disease. For those who visited the restaurant before that time, they are being told to go to their doctor if they develop symptoms.

The restaurant voluntarily closed last Thursday, and has been cooperating with the local health authorities until they are given the go-ahead to reopen. The restaurant’s owner also says its health policies have been changed, including requiring employees to be vaccinated for the virus, and that a person can stay home when ill if they find someone to cover their shift.

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