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Lee-Ann’s Norovirus Nightmare

Here is a tale of unfortunate events from our Fearless Leader, Dr. Jaykus!   Name: Lee-Ann Jaykus Institution: North Carolina State University Position title: Scientific Director of NoroCORE   Please describe a time you...

Morgan mad at Noro2

Morgan’s Norovirus Nightmare

The great stories just keep on coming from our NoroCORE members, and this one goes to show how norovirus can mean fun for the whole family!   Name: Morgan Chao                 Institution: Clemson University Position...


Samantha’s Norovirus Nightmare

Here is another post from one of the NoroCORE Collaborative, and Dr. Wales gets major brownie points for not only cleaning up after her ill family members, but also for testing her own samples...

Katie Overbey

Katie’s Norovirus Nightmare

We’re running a series of posts written by members of our NoroCORE Collaborative, called “My Norovirus Nightmare” since Halloween is just around the corner. To kick it off is this particularly nightmarish story of...

Group of new crayons isolated against a yellow background.

Noroviruses and schools…again

Noroviruses were first identified through a school outbreak that happened in Norwalk, Ohio in November 1968, and every year about this time we start hearing about school outbreaks of gastrointestinal illness*. (Case in point,...

close up photo of triangular cut sandwiches containing deli meat lettuce and tomato

September is National Food Safety Month

We like to say food can become contaminated at any point along the farm-to-fork continuum, and good food safety practices are not just key for preventing norovirus infections (the most common cause of foodborne...