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Author: Elizabeth Bradshaw

The famous NoroCORE scarf

The great #findnorocore contest!

We are really excited to announce that we are holding a special contest at this year’s IAFP! Essentially, it is a giant “Where’s Waldo?” scavenger hunt that is open to everyone attending IAFP. NoroCORE team...

A large bunch of mini norovirus plushies

Guess what’s coming to IAFP?

We have been working really hard on this year’s swag for IAFP, and we have a lot of neat things to show for our efforts. Here is a bit of what we are bringing to...

A plate of tacos

Case of Hepatitis A at a Colorado restaurant

Over 800 vaccines have been administered to patrons of Tortilla Marissa’s, a popular Tex-Mex restaurant in Fort Collins, after an employee tested positive for hepatitis A virus last Wednesday. More than 400 people received the...

Palm trees in Hawaiian sunset

Aloha, Norovirus?

Noroviruses like to pop up where people gather, including idyllic, luxury paradises. Visitors to the historic Royal Hawaiian in Honolulu began falling ill a little over a week ago and the Hawaii State Department...

colorful chalk on a chalkboard

Noroviruses still a concern in some schools

The norovirus season may be finally winding down with the warming temperatures (hooray!), but three elementary schools in Vancouver, Washington have had to deal with suspected norovirus outbreaks in recent weeks. The three schools...

A guitar in a field

Norovirus on a university campus

The California Polytechnic Institute has been recovering from a small outbreak of gastrointestinal disease.  Over the past several days there have been almost 30 cases of students with norovirus-like symptoms, and one laboratory-confirmed case...