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Aloha, Norovirus?

Palm trees in Hawaiian sunsetNoroviruses like to pop up where people gather, including idyllic, luxury paradises. Visitors to the historic Royal Hawaiian in Honolulu began falling ill a little over a week ago and the Hawaii State Department of Health reported that over 100 people, guests and staff included, ultimately became sick in a norovirus outbreak. According to the State Epidemiologist, there were multiple sick employees who had been working in the kitchens, making it plausible one or more of them contaminated surfaces at the resort.

The Royal Hawaiian apologized for the illnesses in their guests and associates. Staff at the resort sanitized the public areas, kitchens, rest rooms, and all of the guest rooms to try and halt the spread of the virus. There have been no new cases since last Monday.

May 28 UPDATE: The first cases appeared to start May 14th and currently, the last reported case was May 19th.  The resort also temporarily closed one of its restaurants for cleaning and hired an outside group to assist with the sanitation process. The issue was reported to health authorities on the 17th.

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