2016 Full Collaborative & Stakeholders Meeting – NoroCORE Food Virology

2016 Full Collaborative & Stakeholders Meeting

We held our 2016 Full meeting on April 13-15th, which was for both our Collaborators and stakeholders, in Crystal City, Virginia. The meeting space was very close to Washington, DC, and you could see the monuments from our hotel! We had about 150 attendees in total, making this meeting a third larger than our last Full meeting in Dallas.

It was a very successful meeting, full of research updates from members of the Collaborative, open discussions between our stakeholders and Collaborators about food virology and past and future NoroCORE™ activities, poster sessions, and student presentations.


Agenda from the April 13-15, 2016 Full Collaborative and Stakeholders Meeting

Poster list for 2016 Full Collaborative and Stakeholders Meeting


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Collaborator Presentations:

Welcome and Overview of NoroCORE … Dr. Lee-Ann Jaykus (NCSU)


Core 1: Molecular Virology

In vitro Cultivation … Dr. Mary Estes (BCM)

Norovirus Surrogates … Dr. Jan Vinjé (CDC)


Core 2: Detection

Norovirus Binding Ligands and Reagent Exchange … Dr. Robert Atmar (BCM)

Infectivity Dilemma … Dr. Matthew Moore (NCSU)


Core 3: Epidemiology and Risk Analysis

Recent National Epidemiological Trends … Dr. Aron Hall (CDC)

Quantitative Risk Model … Steve Beaulieu (Neptune and Company)

Endemic Disease Studies … Dr. Christine Moe (Emory)


Core 4: Prevention and Control

Overview of Prevention and Control Strategies … Dr. Lee-Ann Jaykus (NCSU)

Evaluation of Surface Disinfectants … Dr. Clyde Manuel (Sealed Air)

Produce and Virus Interactions … Dr. Qiuhong Wang (OSU)

Academic – Government – Industry Partnerships … Dr. Alvin Lee (IIT IFSH)


Core 5: Extension, Outreach, and Education

Shellfish and Produce … Dr. Chip Simmons (NCSU)

Grocery and Food Service (Retail) … Sheryl Cates (RTI International)

Consumers and Social Media … Dr. Ben Chapman (NCSU)

Public Health Sector … Dr. Angela Fraser (Clemson)

Educational Activities … Dr. Christina Moore (NCSU)


Student Presentations

Rational development of safe and efficient norovirus disinfectants with ionic copper … Brittany Mertens, Graduate Student, NC State University, Advisor: Dr. Orlin Velev

Modeling the population-level impact of vaccinating food workers for norovirus … Molly Steele, NoroCORE Fellow, Emory University, Advisors: Drs. Christine Moe (Emory), Justin Remais (Emory), and Ben Lopman (CDC)

Lessons learned in managing norovirus transmission in schools … Katie Overbey, Graduate Student, NCSU, Advisors: Drs. Ben Chapman and Lee-Ann Jaykus

Towards glycan based point of care diagnostics for norovirus … Joyce Sweeney, NoroCORE Fellow, Georgia State University, Advisor: Dr. Suri Iyer

Bioaccumulation of human norovirus in live oysters and viral inactivation by thermal and non-thermal processes in oyster tissues … Erin DiCaprio, NoroCORE Fellow, The Ohio State University, Advisor: Dr. Jianrong Li

Experimental evidence for aerosolization of human norovirus … Dominic Libera, Graduate Student, NC State University, Advisors: Drs. Francis de los Reyes and Lee-Ann Jaykus