2014 NoroCORE Full Collaborative & Stakeholders Meeting – NoroCORE Food Virology

2014 NoroCORE Full Collaborative & Stakeholders Meeting

photo of the Omni Park West with text overlaid describing meeting date and location

The 2014 NoroCORE™ Full Collaborative & Stakeholders Meeting was held October 30-31 in Dallas, TX, at the Omni Park West. The meeting was open to all NoroCORE™ investigators, technical staff, post-docs, students, and stakeholders. We held a welcome reception to kick off the meeting, which included a day of presentations and stakeholder discussion, followed by a half-day of student presentations and breakout sessions by Core. The program and most presentations are available below. Check out our blog for a recap of the meeting.

Program & Presentations


Program- 2014 NoroCORE Meeting


Core Activities

NoroCORE Overview…Dr. Lee-Ann Jaykus, NCSU

Molecular Virology…Drs. Jan Vinje, CDC, & Mary Estes, Baylor College of Medicine

Detection…Dr. Robert Atmar, Baylor College of Medicine

Epidemiology and Risk Analysis part 1…Dr. Aron Hall, CDC

Epidemiology and Risk Analysis part 2…Dr. Christine Moe, Emory

Epidemiology and Risk Analaysis part 3…Dr. Amir Mokhtari, RTI International

Prevention and Control…Dr. Alvin Lee, IIT/IFSH

Extension and Outreach…Dr. Angela Fraser, Clemson

Education and Capacity Building…Dr. Lee-Ann Jaykus, NCSU


Stakeholder Perspectives

Retail Food Service & Grocery Industry…Dr. Hilary Thesmar, Food Marketing Institute

Detection Industry…Dr. Sarita Raengpradub, Silliker Laboratories, Inc.

Sanitizers & Disinfectants Industry…Dr. David Macinga, GOJO, Inc.

Molluscan Shellfish Industry…Dr. Ken Moore, Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference

Fresh Produce Industry…Dr. Chip Simmons, NCSU

Cruise Industry…Valda Croskey (MPH, CHMM), Holland America Line


Student Presentations

The investigation of plant-microbe interactions associated with noroviruses and leafy greens…Sarah Markland, NoroCORE Graduate Fellow, Ph.D. student at University of Delaware (Advisor: Dr. Kali Kniel)

Evidence of human norovirus internalization and dissemination in fresh produce…Erin DiCaprio, NoroCORE Graduate Fellow, Ph.D. Student at The Ohio State University (Advisor: Dr. Jianrong Li)

Developing methods for efficient norovirus recovery and sanitization of carpets…David Buckley, NoroCORE Graduate Fellow, Masters Student at Clemson University (Advisors: Drs. Xiuping Jiang and Angela Fraser)

Characterization and control of norovirus interactions…Brittany Mertens, Ph.D. Student at North Carolina State University (Advisor: Dr. Orlin Velev)

Norovirus transfer to and through food worker gloves…Grishma Kotwal, Post-doc at University of Georgia (PI: Dr. Jen Cannon)