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Meetings & Events

Where can you find NoroCORE™?

NoroCORE™ holds an annual Full Collaborative Meeting for team members to meet in person and present their progress to date. Each Core has an opportunity to discuss progress and future directions. Each year, this meeting includes a lead investigator representing each institution that is part of the Collaborative. Every other year, this meeting includes stakeholders, students, and staff, as well as the lead investigators.

NoroCORE™ also regularly attends the annual meetings of the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP), which are generally held at the end of July or beginning of August each year. NoroCORE™ has a booth in the exhibit hall at this event, and NoroCORE™ team members have a number of oral and poster presentations. NoroCORE™ members also attend several other professional meetings such as IFT, ASM, and more.


Upcoming Meetings and Events

There are no upcoming meetings scheduled at this time.

The NoroCORE™ Final Showcase Meeting was held March 19-21, 2018 in Atlanta, and here is a link to the agenda.













Past Meetings and Events

2016 Full Collaborative & Stakeholders Meeting (Crystal City, VA)

2015 IAFP Stakeholder Reception, Exhibit & Presentations (Portland, OR)

2014 Full Collaborative & Stakeholders Meeting (Dallas, TX)

2014 IAFP Stakeholder Reception, Exhibit & Presentations (Indianapolis, IN)

2013 Full Collaborative Meeting (November, Charlotte, NC)

2013 IAFP Exhibit & Presentations (July, Charlotte, NC)

2012 Full Collaborative & Stakeholders Meeting (November, Atlanta, GA)

2012 IAFP Stakeholders Meeting (July, Providence, RI)