Food virology, a sub-discipline of Food Microbiology, is the study of viruses that cause disease in humans and which can be transmitted by the consumption of contaminated foods.  This is an emerging and interdisciplinary field incorporating contributions from academic, government, and industry research sectors.  Active areas of research interest include biological characterization of foodborne viruses and the diseases they cause; transmission of these viruses; the epidemiology of foodborne viral disease; pathogenesis & treatment of disease; control of viruses in all branches and levels of the food industry; development of better diagnostics and detection methods; and much more!  Learn more about foodborne viruses and emerging research by clicking the links below.

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NoroCORE Food Virology Literature Database

NoroCORE Food Virology Literature Database- A comprehensive online, searchable database of citations and abstracts of publications related to food borne viruses. Accessible to the public.


Publications from NoroCORE Affiliates

Publications from NoroCORE Collaborators and Team Members. Includes abstract, full citation, and link to article.

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From the CDC

Information from the CDC for researchers- includes General Information and Diagnostics & Surveillance.


Additional Resources

Crosslinks to related organizations involved in Food Safety.

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For NoroCORE Collaborators

This section of the website is designed for the NoroCORE collaborators/team members, to facilitate the exchange of research information and materials.  Please see the navigation menus to locate the information you need, or click the link below in the list of available information & forms.  Please use the password provided by the Collaborative to access […]