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Confirmed case of hepatitis A at a North Carolina restaurant

A photograph of pepperoni and hamburger pizza

This story is a little close to home for those of us at the NoroCORE office, and goes to show you never know where foodborne illness might turn up next. The story begins with an employee at a Papa John’s Pizza in Charlotte, NC, who became ill on March 24th after traveling outside of the […]

Presumed norovirus outbreak on the Crown Princess

photo looking out from cruise ship railing, orange life buoy on railing

We are getting into the time of year when the number of norovirus cases tends to wind down, but it seems we are not out of the woods yet!  This story has been in the media spotlight recently, and as the investigation is ongoing, this post will be updated as new information emerges.  News reports […]

Suspected norovirus outbreak at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

A photo of a brown paper bag

The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown returned to normal operations yesterday, following a busy weekend of managing a presumed norovirus outbreak on its campus.  Students began falling ill on Friday, and as of yesterday evening, 115 students were reported as having experienced norovirus-like symptoms out of approximately 3,000 students at the institution.  More cases may […]

Hepatitis A warning for apples and peaches in New Zealand

A photograph of apples

This story is a great example of government and industry groups acting quickly and working together to protect human health.  It began when a worker in New Zealand packing apples and peaches for sale was found to be infected with hepatitis A virus.  It is the sort of event that happens from time to time, […]

Norovirus season still in full swing


It seems that noroviruses have been up to their old tricks, with presumed outbreaks in all of the usual places, just in the last few days. From causing problems for hospitals and clinics, to eldercare and veterans facilities having to restrict access, to being suspected in school outbreaks, and even causing woes for a hockey […]

The passing of a legend in virology: Dr. Albert Kapikian

A photograph of Dr. Albert Kapikian

It is with sadness and great respect that we report on Dr. Albert Z. Kapikian, MD, a pioneer in the field of virology, who passed away on February 24, 2014 at the age of 83. Dr. Kapikian is credited as being the discoverer of Norwalk virus (the archetypal human norovirus), when in 1972 he and […]

Case of Hepatitis A confirmed at a South Carolina restaurant

A photo of the boats in Hilton Head harbor with lighthouse

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control has been investigating a recent case of Hepatitis A on Hilton Head Island, a popular coastal destination in South Carolina. The infected person is an employee at Hudson’s Seafood House on the Docks, who worked at the restaurant on February 15th. The employee had not been […]

Suspected norovirus outbreak in Chinese schools linked to water supply

Red and yellow Chinese paper lanterns

Several schools in the Zhejiang Province in China have had to close for cleaning, after hundreds of children have fallen ill with norovirus-like symptoms in the past week. Three kindergartens and ten middle schools have reportedly been affected, with as many as 511 cases. Some of the students are being treated in the local hospitals, […]

Norovirus prompts closure and cleaning of Mohonk Mountain House resort

A photograph of a green canoe by a lake in fall

The historic Mohonk Mountain House in New York voluntarily closed last Friday and is remaining closed for a week for intensive cleaning by a professional company, after numerous staff and visitors developed norovirus-like symptoms. The actual number of people who have been sick in the past couple of weeks is unknown, but has been said […]

Presumed norovirus outbreak at a Texas high school

A photograph of many colorful pieces of chalk and an eraser on a chalk board.

The current situation at the Richardson High School near Dallas, Texas is not the first school outbreak we have posted about this season, but it is the largest at a single school, with over 1,300 combined absences since last Thursday.  The school has been working with the Dallas County Health Department and its local school […]