NoroCORE, the USDA-NIFA Food Virology Collaborative, is a food safety collaborative that focuses on outreach, research, and education in the field of food virology. NoroCORE’s ultimate goal is to reduce the burden of food borne disease associated with viruses, particularly noroviruses. NoroCORE is comprised of more than 30 lead scientists and their teams, from 18 institutions, with numerous stakeholders in the academic, industry, and government sectors. This multi-disciplinary team is working in an integrated manner to develop improved tools, skills, and capacity to understand and control food borne virus risks.

The project has six core objectives:
• Develop improved methods of studying human noroviruses and their role in food borne illnesses.
• Develop and validate rapid and practical methods to detect human noroviruses.
• Collect and analyze data on viral food borne illnesses – including how they are transmitted – and provide risk and cost analyses.
• Improve understanding of how human noroviruses behave in the food safety chain in order to develop scientifically justifiable control measures.
• Develop online courses and curricula for food safety and health professionals and food service workers, and provide information to fresh produce and shellfish producers and processors on the risks, management and control of food-borne viruses.
• Develop a public literature database, build virus research capabilities in state public health laboratories, and develop graduate level-curricula to educate masters and doctoral students trained in food virology.

Details about the NoroCORE team members, partner institutions, and government and industry advisors can be found on other sections of this website. Virus-related food safety information is also available for Consumers, Researchers, and Industry, including links to additional information and food safety policy. The NoroCORE blog, also featured on this site, is designed to share news articles related to the field of food virology, including updates on recent and current outbreaks of food borne viruses as well as other related news topics. There is also a Welcome Video for visitors on the main homepage. If you have questions or comments for NoroCORE, please use the “Contact Us” tab and fill out the form.

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